and additive

We develop professional solutions that allow the production of industrial machinery parts as needed in a matter of hours, at a lower final cost, and with greater customization possibilities through additive manufacturing or 3D printing.


Converting needs and problems into additive engineering solutions.

It is common for machines in different industries to suffer significant damage or wear. This affects the productivity of factories. Obtaining spare parts can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly, either because the original spare part is discontinued or because it is necessary to import it, resulting in high costs and long delivery times.

Because of Hideo, the development of new products, tools, and production aids is easier and more affordable.

"Additive Manufacturing is the new industrial revolution."

Renishaw, leading engineering and scientific technology company

What problem do we solve

Industrial spare parts

Engineering end-use parts


Benefits of additive

Saving time and money

Significant savings in costs, delivery, and response times.

100% functional parts

Parts with mechanical and chemical properties according to the application.

Engineering focused on optimization and performance

A wide range of parts in almost any geometric shape with complex details.

Increased customization possibilities

Customized service for spare parts, final parts, and prototyping.

Respect for the environment

Reduced material waste and carbon footprint of imported parts production and shipments.

Turning designs into industrial parts

Easily solves complex manufacturing problems.

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We design the piece and choose the material according to the needs.

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We print your parts

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Quote your 3D print online

We print your models in an efficient way.

Send the design in STL and choose the material.

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