What we do

We develop professional solutions that allow the Production of industrial machinery parts as needed in a matter of hours, at a lower final cost, and with greater customization possibilities through additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

We provide engineering consultancy to validate the requirements and performance of the parts. We manufacture parts with complex geometries in a wide range of reinforceable and non-reinforceable materials, according to the mechanical and chemical properties of the application.

How we do it

What you can find in HIDEO

Specialized advisory services

Feasibility analysis

High quality in processes and materials

Value proposition

We provide customized professional engineering solutions, converting needs into additive engineering solutions in order to optimize the industry.

Our values

We put ingenuity and creativity into the design of new alternatives that improve the productivity and efficiency of the machines.

We take a comprehensive look at engineering and design to advise our clients on the best option for their needs.

We have the ability to adapt to customer needs, seeking efficient and safe solutions through technology, design, and engineering.

Focus on customers
Our job is to achieve better solutions through additive engineering, always thinking of our customers, reducing their stress and increasing their productivity.

Who we are

We are a team of engineers that seek to accelerate and make viable the use of 3D Additive Manufacturing Technology in the industrial sector, responding to the needs for rapid manufacturing of spare parts, prototypes, and end-use parts.

Susana Carrizosa Botero

Co-founder – Project and production leader

Biomedical Engineer and Master in Engineering with an emphasis in Product Design Management and currently doing a certification course in Design for Digital Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

Experience in projects related to industrial additive manufacturing and high innovation level ventures. Also, experience in signal processing of diseases such as epilepsy and sleep disorders in the Neural System Lab at the University of Kentucky -USA.

Sebastián Eberl Peick

Co-founder – Design and optimization leader.

Mechanical Engineer from HDBW in Munich, Germany. Four years of experience in project management, process optimization, and product improvement.

Work experience at BMW in the area of internal combustion engine development in Munich, Germany. Development of a 3D printing machine as a personal project during university.